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Dry Clean
Taking the outmost care with every one of your garments. We Specialize in stain removal and garment care, we clean everything from woman’s apparel to men’s clothing and even kids as well.
Wash and Fold
We understand that your time is the most valuable asset that you have. And it’s for that reason, that we will like to introduce to you our Wash and Fold service. We offer a 24hr and a 48hr turn around service for all your wash and Fold items. From your socks to your towels and even your favorite, t-shirt. We will wash and Fold everything as well as pick it up and deliver it to you. This way you can finally make time for that Yoga class you’ve been dying to take or that restaurant that you have yet to try. Let us do more for you so you can do more with your time. (Wash and Fold does not include bed spread items and is charged by the pound. Please call us for more details).
House hold goods
With the facilities to maintain and clean all your household needs, there has never been a better time to let go of some of those household to do items on your check list.

    • Seat covers (all sizes)
    • Area rugs (all sizes)
    • Bed sets (all sizes)
    • Comforters (all sizes)
    • Curtains (all sizes)
We have train professionals with years of experience in what they do, Who can help tailor your suite or dress to your specific needs. We also do other types of repairs such as hems, zipper and button replacement as well as sewing.
Leather care
We work closely with a team of leather specialists to maintain and take care of all of your leather garments. From your winter jackets and coats to you leather vest or pants. They will make sure they are looked after with care, so they can last you a long time.
One of a Kind Items
There are special moments in your life which may include one of a kind items. Allow us to help conserve those moments by cleaning and conserving your wedding dress, sweet sixteen, quinceañera Dress or any other one of kind items you may have.
High Couture
Looking good sometimes requires high fashion items and with over twenty years of experience in high couture items, you can rest easy knowing your clothes are in the hands of a professional and experienced team.

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